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tai man guan thai restaurant in gz !

     Posted on February 21st, 2010 by Vanessa Ray

i miss thai foods badly

so, tonight ,i went to dinner with family at a” tai man guan ” thai restaurant ,which offers the most authentic thai foods here in gz !! 

does its decoration look thai style?

38957599200806241250212058583922386_000_640Silly ray3210Silly ray3209

even so ,the foods they make is kind of different from the real thai foods

Silly ray3211tom yum gong in gz Silly ray3007 tom yum gong in bkk

you can see that its a whole shrimp in the right bowl !lol !~and the one in left is divided into two ( no tail )

Silly ray3213 phad thai in gz Silly ray3165the one in bkk

the crushed peanuts and bean sprouts that should have been on the side of a plate were hidden under the noodle  ,which makes it looks different from the right one ! the most difference is u can easy to find shrimps in right but never in left ! 

Silly ray3212 shrimp fired with garlic and pepper ! its quite different with the one i have in thailand (sorry i didnt take pic of the real one lol) so u cant see the difference here! just use ur memory if u have ever eaten in thailand …lol

Silly ray3215 curry crab in gz !~i have never had it in thailand but i think the one there would be more spicy !~lol

all in all , im still glad to have a thai restaurant here so i can go anytime i want ! :) bro ..thai foods remind me of you and bkk !! haha ~i will just eat u ,and shit u out !hahaha…

how gross an atay !!


     Posted on February 20th, 2010 by Vanessa Ray

i just came back from another short trip to the north in china —wuhan city

its shame that there wasnt snowing and the air was polluted !! i can hardly bearth :( so terrible ! i dont think i would be there anymore lol anyway ,there is nothing to regret about travel no matter there is good or bad :)  i used to hate living gz but now i found a worse place so gz is actually not that bad !lol !~no comparation no found !lol

wuhan is big but messy


shopping street

CIMG3247Silly ray3199CIMG3248


foods !!~alot ppls waiting in line to buy spicy duck-neck CIMG3231


the middle pic at the second line is spicy duck-neck/wing!! it looks nasty to me what do u think ?

have u ever heard about YELLO CRANE TOWER ??? here is it


i also went to east lake park …..its grand and looks beautiful ,i like it there alot

CIMG3385CIMG3409Silly ray3187 santa ray ?? lol do u know what is it on my face ???hehe !! its cotton candy !lol!~it was my favorite food back in childhood.

after 2 nights 3 days ,thats what i took by going home –high speed train ( it only takes 4 hours to ride from wuhan to guangzhou , direct train only take 3 hours,when compare to the general train it reduces  7.8 hours to go)

CIMG3191CIMG3194Silly ray3177

634014444795363567 guangzhou station W020100218306488618676wuhan station

which one is nicer ??


     Posted on February 20th, 2010 by Vanessa Ray

its been lazy for a long time not update my site as non-stop traveling stole all my time to do things online !haha~anyway ,here we go .

im glad that i have 18 days holiday this year so i have made 2 trip during time :) the happiest moment that exactly is when i was with bro in thailand :) i’ve always wanted to tell the world that i love him so much lol he is a superman to me even if  he is lazy and has a bad memory all the times !haha i think he is cute when he does stupid things!lol

Silly ray3071 here we were chilling at starbuck in pattaya ! i’d say there is the best starbbuck i have ever been in my life which with a grand view of beach ! awesome !lol Silly ray3055 grand view of beach ( u always be caught in camera ,bro)

ahhhh !! i just realized that its a flashback !! hmm ,i’d better start saying bkk first than pattaya!

thx for bro picking me up at airport and sorry for my flight delayed :( sucks…. i arrived at 230am(china time) ,which makes me so tired so once i got in bedroom , i slept like a rock ! :) coz bro has 2 cats (blacky and panda) and they sneakily broke into my bedroom and jump up to the top of my closet which awoke me …i was like O_o ( i slept with cats )hahahaha!~its my first time tho !!lol

the days in bangkok ,bro took me to explore alot of places but too bad that my bad memoeris fails me about the road’s name ,we also went to some restaurent for ( if  anyone who found  me look  chubby , you have to pay for this ,bro haha)


CHAO PHRAYA RIVER –my camera is too bad to take night shot ! :( 

Silly ray3142Silly ray3137Silly ray3131

 Silly ray3022  Silly ray3020 CENTRAL WORLD


here are some pics of the restaurant with a  theme of condom ,after lunch,they gave me a condom lol!

Silly ray3016Silly ray3009CIMG2846

CIMG3116CIMG3119 baru-za where offers sweet-sour shrimp


Silly ray3097Silly ray3093Silly ray3096 a tiny cafe under of bro’s apartment building ! its a nice place for chill out :)

CIMG3049 foodloft at center festival in pattaya can have kinds of different foods here :) thumb up !

Silly ray3007 my favorite ( tom yum gong) Silly ray3010 i forgot the name to this little purple flowerized tastes abit 60%sweet and 40% salty! kinda weird but not nasty  :) Silly ray3012 long name fails my memory but never fails its taste remain in my mind…yummy !!its my bro’s favorite !! Silly ray3013 curry chicken ( way too spicy to me ) Silly ray3165 my sec favorite food–phad thai fired noodle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CIMG2899 turkey burger (i think )!haha~deliciousCIMG3072 roasted coconut !! CIMG3127 sweet&sour shrimp with spicy !!CIMG3048lasagna CIMG3125 choc shake to choc lover :)

we also hung out to cinema for avatar ( i regret i didnt take pic of the beautiful cinema i been to ) Silly ray3026 Silly ray3027 

KHAO SAN ROAD ——alot of foriegn back packers there








china town is horrible to me !! therefore there is a saying by me that is where there is chinese ,there is messy !!~i dont think i will be there anymore i consider there is a wholesale market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CIMG2961 “tutu”taxi haha!~so fun to ride on !CIMG2966u look so sneak bro ,what was  u doing ??lol

SKY TRAIN ( no such technology in gz )

Silly ray3104Silly ray3111Silly ray3112


CIMG3033Silly ray3082Silly ray3054CIMG3032CIMG3044 CIMG3038Silly ray3053Silly ray3078Silly ray3079Silly ray3080Silly ray3077Silly ray3076

i have had alot fun in pattaya :0 thx bro :)

after 8 days , its time to go home :(


Silly ray3162Silly ray3167Silly ray3169

la gon bangkok !

i regret booking a return flight early and i still miss it there and the moment i was with my bro wish i could meet you again soon !!


happy birthday old ray !haha

     Posted on January 21st, 2010 by Vanessa Ray

i’ve always been stucked by where to statrt ………..

er …….ok , i went to KTV with my good buddies last night for little celebrating my 25 birthday

nico sent me a cloth-made rose that is bloody nice ,thx my dear BB (thats what i call her ) lol

Silly ray2958 how do u like it ??haha its cute like me :) kidding

me and nico was messed up singing lady gaga’s songs and we both could hardly catch the words haha !~it was fun tho !

Silly ray2967 lucky strike ! have u smoked this before ? i never lol its not mine ! i just took it for a pic !~

thx for ur company guys ! love you all ……:)

 my bday cake from mum ……love you mama!

Silly ray2979


i would like to share my luck and wish all of you have a good life